Boat rental Murter
Murter, rent a boat service & excursions to the Kornati National Park.

Rent a boat Murter

The Murter archipelago, with over 150 islands, islets, and cliffs, is the inevitable destination for every sailor, and our agency is the inevitable destination for every sea enthusiast. Even at peak season and during the crowds on beaches, charting one of our vessels will help you easily find peace and quiet in the beautiful untouched bays of the many islands in the Murter and Kornati archipelago.

We have at your disposal a large number of boats of different kind, size and engine power that can be rented with or without a skipper.

All the boats we offer are insured and the latest in production. The are equipped with lifejackets, paddles, and see charts, while our staff are at your disposal regarding boat management instructions as well as driving suggestions.

The minimum charter period is one day, and we approve discounts for several-day charters.

Discount in off-season

Marlin 23
Rent-a-boat Croatia Marlin 23 gl
400.00(3013.8 HRK)
Marlin 790
Marlin 790 rent a boat Murter
400.00(3013.8 HRK)
Marlin 24
Marlin 24 rent a boat Murter3
350.00(2637.08 HRK)
Marlin 630
Marlin 630
250.00(1883.63 HRK)
ZAR 65
ZAR 65 low
280.00 (2109.66 HRK)
Bluline 23 DECK
Bluline 23 Deck
250.00 (1883.63 HRK)
Bluline 21 OPEN
Bluline 21 Open
250.00(1883.63 HRK)
Speedy 610 Extasy
Speedy Extasy
230.00(1732.94 HRK)
Falkor 22
Falkor 22
220.00(1657.59 HRK)
Speedy 590 Evo
Speedy Evo
200.00(1431.56 HRK)
Speedy EVO 540
Speedy 540 Najam plovila na Murteru gl
170.00 (1280.87 HRK)